Acacia Interior Design


Inspiration: Barcelona

Architect: Antoni Millàs i Figuerola


Classical Architecture - Beautiful Black Iron Balcony - exterior of building in Barcelona. 


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Inspiration: Billy Baldwin

Legendary American Interior Decorator 

Billy Baldwin was an amazing interior decorator. His approach to design was simple, clean and tailored. We draw quite a bit of our design approach from his style. He believed simply that "The full atmosphere or mood of a room could never be achieved without an enormous personal manifestation on the part of the client." The client must be at the forefront of every design. We hold that belief true and design every space with the client's taste and lifestyle as a driving point. We design for the client and the space  must evoke the passion and style of each individual client.







Proverbs 24:3 “By wisdom a house is built, by understanding it is established; And by knowledge its rooms are filled with every precious treasure.”

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Design is....

our passion - our work - our play



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